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Long Term Vision is a series of paintings using acrylic, ink, and charcoal on canvas as well as an animation projected onto the painting itself. This project is a reconstruction of memories, traumas, and thoughts on displacement, belonging, and strangeness. The memories made me wonder about the distance in time and place; I am so far from it, yet its present was dominant in a way, which made me think on the duality of home and abroad. Those memories are the same for a large number of people today and throughout history. Creating a collage of fragmented visions represented through imaginative figures, historical symbols from Mesopotamia, and everyday site images. A major concept is regarding the relation with home; where someone was born and raised, the choices of leaving and the consequences of staying.
In one hand the project deals, first, with the idea of displacement, immigration, refugees, and all the weight these things carry. The phenomena of social change due to war conflicts were people forced to flee their homes and immigrate to as far as a different continent. In the other hand, it is examining media manipulation and the loss of truth. Is the truth in the painted figure or in what is projected on it? Is it even a painting anymore?
Displacement and the urge to leave all that belong to us, starting a new life again not only by changing physical place but also trying to fit into a different history and language. As immigrants, we carry with us a history, and we try to keep some values, but also we have to be part of the present and to accept and adopt new values.