Performance > Nostalgia To Baghdad: Between Dark & Bright Memories

Nostalgia To Baghdad, a performance held at The Visual Arts Collective as a final project during Luma's residency at Surel's Place in October/November 2018

In this performance, I share what I witnessed during my life in Iraq for thirty years. The concept of the relation between politics and people's lives and existence focuses on the effect of wars and sanctions.
Please note that it has been edited to be as close as 5 minutes; the performance lasted more than 30 minutes. I tried to pick some important moments, especially during the storytelling section. you can also look at the other link for the same project on Vimeo, which has all the live painting and animation sections.

Luma Jasim
Performance, stop-motion animation, storytelling, action painting, & piano music while telling stories

Sugar Vendil
Music during the stop-motion animation & during the live painting section

Hattif Farhan
Photos projected in the background during storytelling section

Bryan Bowermaster